Article Id: ARCC3078 | Page : 186 - 189
Citation :- CORRELATION AND PATH ANALYSIS IN SCENTED RICE (ORYZASATNA L.).Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2001.(35):186 - 189
A.R. Nayak, D. Chaudhury and J.N. Reddy
Address : Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack - 753 006, Orissa, India


Genotypic and phenotypic correlations and path coefficient analysis were studied among ten quantitative traits in 200 scented rice genotypes including one non-scented check Ratna. The grain yield/plant showed significant positive correlation with plant height, panicle number per plant, penicle length, total number of spikelets/panicle and total number of grain/panicle at both genotypic and phenotypic levels. Path coefficient analysis revealed that panicle number per plant, total number of grains/panicle and 1000-grain weight.playedan important role in the improvement of grain yield in scented rice



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