Article Id: ARCC3076 | Page : 176 - 180
Citation :- STUDIES ON HYBRID VIGOUR IN TOMATO (LYCOPERSICON ESCULENTUM MILL.).Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2001.(35):176 - 180
D.R. Chaudhary and S.K. Malhotra
Address : Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Regional Research Station, Bajaura, Kullu -, 175 125, India


A set of 24 F1 hybrids of tomato developed as a result of Line x Tester mating design involving 12 lines and 2 tester were evaluated for fruit yield and component traits in randomized block desing with three replications. The cross combinations showed the manifestation of hybrid vigour over better parent (BP) and standard checks (Rupali SCI and Naveen SC2) for almost all the characters studied. The standard heterosis in desirable direction could be recorded in five cross combinations viz. BTL 33 x Roma, BTR 33 x Rama, BTL 11 x Roma, BTR 33 x AC 402, BTL 33 x AC 402 and BTR 49 x AC 402 only. The hybrid BTL 33 x Roma proved to be the best in over all performance and can be exploited for hybrid vigour and commercial utilization.



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