Article Id: ARCC3064 | Page : 124 - 126
Citation :- VARIABILITY AND PATH COEFFICIENTS IN SORGHUM [SORGHUM B/COLOR (L.) MOENCH].Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2001.(35):124 - 126
Lata Chaudhary, V. Sharma, Mukesh Vyas and Hemlata Sharma
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Rajasthan CoUege of Agriculture, Udaipur - 313 001, india


Hundred germplasm lines and five checks of Sorghum {Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench} were evaluated in augmented design. High estimates of PCV, GCV, heritability and G.A. were observed for days to maturity, ear head width, grain yield/plant and plant height. Path analysis for grain yield indicated highest direct effects of ear head length and plant height on grain yield. Genotypes AHM 57, IS 3937, IS 2937, K-2 and IS 3911 were identified as good combiners for grain yield and other desirable characters.



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