Article Id: ARCC3049 | Page : 63·65
Citation :- CHARACTER ASSOOATION AND PATH ANALYSIS IN BRASSICA SPECIES.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2001.(35):63·65
Poorva Sinha, S.P. Singh and I.D. Pandey
Address : Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar· 263145, India,


Correlation and path analysis among 13 agronomic characters in 50 genetically diverse genotypes of Brassica were estimated during the rabi season of 1996–97. Seed yield had significant positive association with 1000 seed weight and negative association with oil content. Oil content exhibited significant positive correlation with number of seeds per siliqua and length of main shoot the path analysis revealed that number of primary branches, number of siliqua on main shoot and number of secondary branches had high magnitude of positive direct effect on grain yield. Days to flower initiation, days to maturity plant height, length. of main, shoot, number of seeds/siliqua showed positive indirect effect via number of primary branches, number of secondary branches and number of siliqua on main shoot. It is, therefore, suggested that profuse branching with high density of siliqua on main shoot should be given importance in selection programmes to isolate superior lines for high grain yield.



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