Article Id: ARCC2911 | Page : 9 - 16
Citation :- TOBACCO SEED STORAGE: 1. AN INEXPENSIVE METHOD FOR LONG TERM SEED STORAGE.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2003.(37):9 - 16
K. Nageswara Rao, D. Prabhakara Babu and M. Bangarayya
Address : Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry - 533 lOS, India


Flue cured tobacco seed var. CTRI Spl and White gold of crop season 1975–76 was stored at ambient temperature in 500g capacity container with and without desiccant, anhydrous calcium chloride. Seed stored with 5–6% and lower than 3% initial seed moisture with desiccant (dry storage) maintained viability and the moisture content was below 4.5% for a period of 24 years (March 2000) whereas seed stored without desiccant (control) contained seed moisture of 6–7% and lost viability in 24 months. To adopt this method for tobacco seed storage in large scale CTRI Spl (MR) of crop season 1982–83 was stored in 50 kg drums with desiccant (250 and 500g) at ambient temperature and the seed remained viable for 17 years (March 2000). Seed stored without desiccant lost viability in 24 months and its seed moisture was 6–7%. Stored seed was tested in nursery for seedling production and it was at par fresh seed. It is concluded that storage of tobacco seed at ambient temperature using desiccant is reliable and inexpensive method as compared to traditional method of cold storage for long term tobacco seed storage.



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