Article Id: ARCC2870 | Page : 106 - 110
Citation :- COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF MANUAL AND MECHANICAL RAW MANGO PEELING.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2004.(38):106 - 110
Syed Zameer Hussain, S. Javare Gowda and S.C. Mandhar1
Address : Division of Agricultural Engineering, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore - 560 002, India


The Raw mango peeler very useful to raw mango processing industries preparing pickles, chutneys and mango powder (Amchur) consists of power transmission, concave wheel, guide drum, casing and frame. The guide drum revolves at 2 rpm and maintains continuous feeding and discharge of mangoes, The rotation of mangoes in the elliptical chamber, formed between concave wheels (with sharp projections), guide and casing peels the mangoes. When the peeling capacity and labour requirement was concerned the peeler was found to be significantly superior over manual peeling. However peeled fruit weight and peel removal percent was found to be statistically at par under manual and mechanical peeling. Regarding peeling efficiency difference between manual and mechanical peeling was found to be non significant for almost all the varieties. The cost of peeling was significantly lower when peeling was done mechanically than manual peeling. Contrarily, cost of pulp production for Alphonso and Totapuri varieties was significantly higher when peeling was done by peeler than the manual peeling. Evaluation of different revegetation systems for tropical grasslands


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