Article Id: ARCC2738 | Page : 47 - 51
Citation :- CORRELATION AND PATH ANALYSIS IN SUGARCANE.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2006.(40):47 - 51
S.P. Kadian and A.S. Mehla
Address : CCS Haiyana Agicultural University, Regional Research Station, Karnal - 132 001, India


Estimates of direct and indirect effects and correlation coefficients were computed among
cane yield and its component traits for 32 sugarcane genotypes grown in three environments.
Cane yield was found significantly correlated with single cane weight and cane thickness. Positive
and highly significant correlations were observed amongst 4 juice quality traits. High direct
effect of cane thickness and internode length were observed for cane yield. Cane thickness and
single cane weight emerged as the most important traits influencing cane yield.


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