Article Id: ARCC2710 | Page : 215 - 219
Citation :- COMBINING ABILITY ANALYSIS IN ASSAM RICE COLLECTION.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2007.(41):215 - 219
S. Chitra, C.R. Ananda Kumar and P. Vivekanandan
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, TNAU, Killikulam - 628 252, India


Combining ability analysis was conducted in early maturing maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines for quality and yield attributes. The ratio of non additive/additive gene effect revealed that there was preponderance of non additive gene action in the expression of all the traits under study. Inbred lines L9 and L10 were good general combiner for all the three quality traits. While inbred line L9 was also good general combiner for grain yield, oil content, starch content and protein content. Single cross L15 x T1 had positive significant sca effects for oil content along with starch content with highest estimate of heterobeltiosis for oil content. In general parental inbreds possessed high per se performance for quality traits along with grain yield per plant and 100 grain weight.



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