Article Id: ARCC2267 | Page : 37 - 41
Citation :- PARTICIPATION OF RURAL WOMEN UNDER HOUSE HOLD AND FARM ACTIVITIES.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2008.(42):37 - 41
Manju Suman
Address : Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi-284 003, India


The study was conducted in the central part of India located at 230 8’-260 30’ latitude and 78011’-
810 30’E longitude in the Bundelkhand region bounded by the Yamuna in the north, escaped ranges
of the Vindhyan plateau in the south, the Sindh in the north-west and Bhanrer ranges in the southeast.
Women completed about 60% weeding work by spending 5-6 hr. every day in food - fodder
and commercial vegetables production followed by land preparation (48% in 4-5 hr), seed sowing
(43% in 3-10.0 hr.) and irrigation (31% in 2-3 hr.). However meager participation in manual
ploughing (6.0%) of fields was recorded in Bulndelkhand region of central India. This shows that
women are still engaged in manual activities rather than mechanical and chemical based operations.
In other small and medium activities women collected fodder ( 70% in o5 -2.0 hr.). The average
working hours of farm women (8.75 hrs./day ) were higher 85% in comparison to the male (i. e. 4.72


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