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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 44 issue 2 (june 2010) : 79- 87


Tuncay Kan*, Bayram Murat Asma1
1Inonu University, Apricot Research Center Malatya 44280 TR Turkey
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Cite article:- Kan* Tuncay, Asma1 Murat Bayram (2023). STUDIES ON THE GROWTH PERIOD AND S02 ABSORPTION PROCESS IN APRICOT FRUITS llSING DIFFERANTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETRY. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 44(2): 79- 87. doi: .
The growth period and absorption process of sulphurdioxide in Hacyhalilo61u cultivar of apricot fruits have been investigated by differential scanning calorimeter, thermogravimetric analysis and differential thermal analysis with a scan rate of 2°e/min. in nitrogen atmosphere. The growth period of fruit and ripeness were followed by thermal analysis. Fruit ripeness period was rationalized in terms of the sugar content of the apricot fruit. The dependence of sulphur absorption in apricot fruit and the chemical composition change has been evaluated by means of thermal analytical techniques.

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