Article Id: ARCC082 | Page : 540-544
Citation :- EFFECTS OF POTASSIUM AND ZINC NUTRITION ON YIELD AND QUALITY OF FORAGE SORGHUM.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2013.(47):540-544
G.S. Sutaria, M.V. Ramdevputra*, Shri. V.V. Ansodaria* and K.N. Akbari
Address : Dry Farming Research Station, Junagadh Agricultural University, Targhadia- 360 003, India


Field studies to determine the effect of potassium @ 20, 40 and 60 kg K2O ha”1 and zinc @ 10 and 20 kg zinc sulphate -ZnSO4 ha”1 revealed that green and dry forage yields of sorghum were significantly influenced due to the application of K and Zn. Application of K @ 40 and 60 kg K2O ha-1 increased green and dry forage yields to the extent of 9.8 and 13.1and 9.7 and 12.9 %, respectively. The green and dry forage yields were increased by 6.2 and 10.2 and 5.9 and 9.7 % respectively due to ZnSO4 @ 10 and 20 kg ha-1 in comparison to without Zn application. The highest net return of Rs.21934 ha-1 and B:C ratio of 2.51  were recorded with combined application of  K @ 40 kg K2O ha-1 and ZnSO4 @ 20 kg ha-1. Protein content and yield were increased progressively with the increasing K and Zn levels.  Application of K significantly enhanced the status of organic carbon and available K in the soil at harvest stage of crop. Available P status in the soil decreased significantly due to application of Zn, while, available of S and Zn were significantly increased due to Zn application.


B:C ratio Forage sorghum Soil fertility.


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