Article Id: ARCC066 | Page : 445-448
Citation :- INHERITANCE STUDY OF FLOWER COLOR IN CHICKPEA (CICER ARIETINUM L.).Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2013.(47):445-448
M. Tarikul Hasan and Anil Chandra Deb* anil_deb2001@yahoo.com
Address : Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Flower color is a useful phenotypic marker in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). In the present investigation eight parents were used to study the inheritance of flower color in chickpea. Among the eight parents BARI chola-1, BARI chola-2, BARI chola-3, BARI chola-4, BARI chola-5, BARI chola-6 and BARI chola-7 was pink and BARI chola-8 was white flowered. In this investigation, F1s of all the crosses between white and pink produced only pink flower revealed that the pink color was completely dominant over white color in the chickpea. In F2 generation, flower color was segregated into pink and white flowing Mendelian proportion of 3:1. Therefore, all the traits revealed monogenic nature of inheritance for flower color and suggested that white color of chickpea flower is governed by a single recessive gene and highly heritable trait which can simply manipulated. This is helpful to the chickpea breeder to use in altering the architecture of the chickpea plant because flower color is a valuable morphological marker in cultivated chickpea.


Chickpea Flower color Inheritance.


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