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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 55 issue 1 (february 2021) : 99-104

Response of Wheat to Foliar and Soil P Fertilization on Grain Yield and Phosphorus use Efficiency in Southeastern Algeria

N. Boukhalfa-Deraoui, L. Hanifi-Mekliche, A. Mekliche
1Laboratory of Saharan Bioressources, University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla, P.O.Box: 511. 30,000 Algeria.
Cite article:- Boukhalfa-Deraoui N., Hanifi-Mekliche L., Mekliche A. (2020). Response of Wheat to Foliar and Soil P Fertilization on Grain Yield and Phosphorus use Efficiency in Southeastern Algeria. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 55(1): 99-104. doi: 10.18805/IJARe.A-576.
Background: P deficiency is very common in alkaline - calcareous soil. Therefore, application of foliar-absorbed fertilizers may be an effective strategy to overcome the low bioavailability of phosphorus in soil, by improving phosphorus use efficiency and reduced nutrients loses.
Methods: A field experiment was carried out in 2006-07 growing season at El-Menia (southeastern Algeria) to evaluated the effect of two foliar P (agriphos and leader-start) and three soil P (TSP P 46, Fosfactyl NP 3:22 and NPKs 8:36:13,5+15) on yield and P use efficiency of durum wheat crop Triticum durum Desf. var. Carioca and on available P and total P in soil.
Result: Data showed that significant effect of soil P fertilizer on grain yield components (ears m, grains ear-1 and the 1000 grains weight), grain P use efficiency and available P in soil. The best values were recorded by NPKs fertilizer, but no differences were observed for these parameters among foliar fertilizer sources.
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