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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 52 issue 5 (october 2018) : 576-580

Influence of organic manures and bio-dynamic preparations on growth, yield and quality of Khasi Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) in Mizoram, North-East India

Malsawmkimi, T.K. Hazarika
1Department of Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Mizoram University, Aizawl-796 004, Mizoram, India.
Cite article:- Malsawmkimi, Hazarika T.K. (2018). Influence of organic manures and bio-dynamic preparations on growth, yield and quality of Khasi Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) in Mizoram, North-East India. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 52(5): 576-580. doi: 10.18805/IJARe.A-5109.
An experiment was conducted during 2015-2017 at Mizoram University, Aizawl, Mizoram, Mizoram to standardize the organic nutrient management protocol for Khasi mandarin. The experiment was laid out in randomised block design (RBD) with eleven treatments viz T1: Farm yard manure(FYM), T2:Vermicompost(VC), T3 :Pig manure (PIM),  T4: Poultry manure (POM),  T5 : Neem cake (NC), T6:(FYM + CPP+ Bio Dynamic (BD)500 + BD 501),  T7: (VC + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501), T8 : (PIM + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501), T9:(POM + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501), T10 :(NC + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501) and T11 : Control (RDF).The pooled analysis of two year data indicated that  integrated application of  FYM + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501 (T6) resulted in maximum plant height, plant girth, canopy spread and canopy volume. On the other hand, POM + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501 (T9) recorded maximum yield/ha. With respect to quality parameters, T7 (VC + CPP + BD 500 + BD 500) recorded the lowest moisture content during both the years of study as well as in pooled analysis, while, T6 (FYM + CPP + BD 500 + BD 501) recorded highest TSS, Ascorbic acid, TSS: acid ratio and lowest titratable acidity.
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