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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 52 issue 2 (april 2018) : 157-161

Diversity and distribution of stored grain insect pests of pulses and their natural enemies

G. Harish, A. Naganagoud, A.G. Sreenivas, Somashekar, Sharangouda Hiregoudar, B. Kisan
1University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur-584 104, Karnataka, India.
Cite article:- Harish G., Naganagoud A., Sreenivas A.G., Somashekar, Hiregoudar Sharangouda, Kisan B. (2018). Diversity and distribution of stored grain insect pests of pulses and their natural enemies. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 52(2): 157-161. doi: 10.18805/IJARe.A-4957.
Biodiversity of stored grain insects is often neglected as many of the workers think that it has limited or no diversity as consumer tolerance towards insect pests in stored grains is zero. Survey was conducted in six districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region to find out the diversity and insects infesting major stored pulses during 2014-15. Callasobruchus analis L., C. maculates F., C. chinensis L. and T. castaneum H. were insect pests observed in collected pulse samples. Dinarmus basalis R., D. vagabundus T.,Dinarmus sp. and Uscana sp. were the hymenopteran parasitoids on pulse beetle collected from the samples. Rank abundance showed that C. analis was dominant species found on stored pulses.
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