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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 54 issue 3 (june 2020) : 301-307

Evaluation of Relative Efficiency of Alpha Lattice Design and Cluster Analysis of Twenty Spring Triticale Field Experiments

R.N.F. Abdelkawy, A.Z. Turbayev, A.A. Soloviev
1Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow K.A. Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (RSAU -MTAA), Russian Federation, Moscow.
Cite article:- Abdelkawy R.N.F., Turbayev A.Z., Soloviev A.A. (2020). Evaluation of Relative Efficiency of Alpha Lattice Design and Cluster Analysis of Twenty Spring Triticale Field Experiments. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 54(3): 301-307. doi: 10.18805/IJARe.A-466.
Twenty genotypes triticale were evaluated in an alpha lattice design and RCBD for eight characters to a comparison of the relative efficiency (RE) of alpha-lattice design and RCBD. Two experiments were analyzed according to alpha lattice design and RCB design. Average estimated (RE) was 12.97, 5.93, 21.79, 35.50, 21.53, 23.96 and 26.69% for number of plants / m2, tillering fertility, plant height (cm), spike length (cm), number of spikelets / spike, 1000-grain weight (g) and grain yield (g / m2), respectively, the high precision is obtained significantly to estimate treatment effects indicating that using an alpha lattice design in place of RCBD. Mean comparisons for both RCBD and alpha lattice design were performed and two designs confirmed to Dublet, Ulyana, 131/1656 and C259 genotypes were the highest yield (g / m2). Cluster analysis showed that genotypes were isolated into three principle groups and one of these contains one variety (Dublet). This variety was characterized by a high yield over two years. The results showed that alpha lattice more efficient and it can be used it instead of traditional RCB design in the agricultural field trials.
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