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An analysis of month-wise variation of energy use in crop production-A case study in Golaghat district of Assam

Hemchandra Saikia*, B.C. Bhowmick, R.A. Halim

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat 785 001, Assam, india

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Energy is a very key component in every sphere of our life, be it a crop production or any other field. Again seasonality is a very common phenomenon in crop production and due to this there exist slacks and peak season of various sources of energy use and production. Present study was conducted in Golaghat district of Assam to highlight the month-wise energy use and also to know the energy output-input and benefit-cost ratio. Sampling method used for the study was Three Stage Sampling method. Result from the study revealed that the cropping intensity of the study area was 119.57 per cent. The most dominant energy consuming months were July, August, November, and December using 30.64, 18.90, 13.12 and 7.65 per cent of the total energy used in crop production in per hectare of gross cropped area. The energy output-input and benefit –cost ratio of the study area were 10.84 and 1.64 respectively. From the study it was found that there is vast scope to boost the production, productivity and profitability of crop production in study area by providing all the necessary infrastructures in due space and time in adequate amount and proper quality.

Energy, Energy output-input ratio, Month, Peak, Slack, Seasonality and benefit-cost ratio.
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