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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 50 issue 4 (august 2016) : 318-324

Stage-wise nutrient status of leaf and soil of Alphonso mango grown in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India

N.S. Joshi*, S.S. Prabhudesai, M.M. Burondkar, N.B. Gokhale, K.H. Pujari, J.S. Dhekale
1<p>College of Agriculture,&nbsp;Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli-416 066, India.</p>
Cite article:- Joshi* N.S., Prabhudesai S.S., Burondkar M.M., Gokhale N.B., Pujari K.H., Dhekale J.S. (2016). Stage-wise nutrient status of leaf and soil of Alphonso mango grownin Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India . Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 50(4): 318-324. doi: 10.18805/ijare.v0iOF.10782.

For the present investigation, the soil and leaf samples were collected from four mango orchards of Ratnagiri district at five serial stages namely, after harvest of the fruits of previous season, after application of fertilizers, pre-flowering, full flowering and marble stage of fruit for two successive years. The soil and leaf samples were analyzed for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Available phosphorous content in soil and total phosphorous and potassium content in leaf were observed to be ‘low’. The deficiency of phosphorous content of soil and leaf at all the locations and potassium content of leaf at Dapoli and Pangari locations suggested a necessity of an improved supply of these nutrients through application of additional fertilizers. From the investigation, higher nutrient content of soil and leaf was observed at orchards having higher and systematic application of nutrients. A decline of the soil nutrients and rise of leaf nutrients during pre-flowering, flowering and fruit developmental stages was noticed. This indicated that during reproductive stages, supply of nutrients through leaves would be more effective and efficient than through soil. In general, a positive and significant correlation between soil and leaf nutrients at various stages indicated a positive effect of applied fertilizers through soil in increasing the nutrient status of leaf. From the aforesaid findings, it can be concluded that the appropriate nutrient management in case of Alphonso mango is crucial for maintaining optimum nutrient status of soil and leaf.

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