DOI: 10.5958/0976-058X.2014.00665.9    | Article Id: A-3908 | Page : 307-312
Citation :- MAIZE (FODDER) IN PUNJAB: AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2014.(48):307-312
Sanjay Kumar* and D.K. Grover sanjaykw@msn.com
Address : Agro-Economic Research Centre, Department of Economics & Sociology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana- 141 001, India


The present study was conducted to study the economics of maize fodder in the Punjab state. The total variable cost on per hectare basis for maize fodder was found to be Rs 8948 which was only 70 per cent as compared to maize (grain) during the season. While sale of maize fodder through
Channel-I (Producer-Forwarding agent/Commission agent-Dairy owner/Consumer), the producer’s share in consumer’s rupee was found to be 77 per cent while in Channel-II (Producer-Forwarding agent/Commission agent-Chaff cutter-Consumer), it was about 71 per cent. Supply of poor quality and un-recommended varieties of seed, shortage of labour especially during harvesting of the crop, lack of technical knowledge, acquisition of credit, low price in the market and lack of market information were the major problems faced by the maize (fodder) growers. The study emphasized the need to evolve high yielding varieties, provision of adequate short-term credit facilities, effective extension programme and establishment of regulated markets for broadening the base of fodder cultivation in the state.


Constraints Economics Maize (fodder) cultivation Market practices.


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