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Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, volume 48 issue 6 (december 2014) : 465-471


M. Prakash*, G. Sathiya Narayanan, B. Sunil Kumar, S. Padmavathi
1Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar- 608 002, India
Cite article:- Prakash* M., Narayanan Sathiya G., Kumar Sunil B., Padmavathi S. (2024). EFFECT OF FLY ASH SEED PELLETING ON GROWTH, PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND YIELD IN RICE UNDER AEROBIC CONDITION. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research. 48(6): 465-471. doi: 10.5958/0976-058X.2014.01331.6.
Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of fly ash seed pelleting in rice under aerobic agriculture which can be recommended for better crop growth and establishment. The study was conducted with three concentrations viz., 200, 250 and 300g per kg of seed. Observations on growth and yield parameters viz., plant height, dry matter production, leaf area, root weight, number of productive tillers/plant, number of grains/panicle, 1000 grain weight, and single plant yield were recorded. Gas exchange parameters viz., net photosynthetic rate, leaf transpiration rate, stomatal conductance and intercellular CO2 concentration were also recorded. The experimental results revealed that aerobic rice seeds treated with fly ash @ 250 g kg-1 performed better due to increased growth, gas exchange parameters and seed yield.
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