Effects of Super Absorbent Polymers and Gibberellin on Germination and Growth of alfalfa

DOI: 10.18805/LR-532    | Article Id: LR-532 | Page : 800-804
Citation :- Effects of Super Absorbent Polymers and Gibberellin on Germination and Growth of alfalfa.Legume Research.2020.(43):800-804
Wenxu Zhang, Jing Chen, Jinghe Tao, Peng Wang, Qian Liu, Ziqiang Lei zhangwenxu82@163.com
Address : Key Laboratory of Eco-functional Polymer Materials of the Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Eco-environmental Polymer Materials of Gansu Province, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Northwest Normal University, 730070 Lanzhou, China.
Submitted Date : 19-10-2019
Accepted Date : 9-04-2020


For proven effects of eco-friendly super absorbent polymer and gibberellin on germination and growth of alfalfa, taking the germination and growth test in the artificial climate box by adding the different amount of super absorbent polymer and gibberellin. Observed the germination potential, germination rate, shoot length, root length, fresh weight and dry weight, under the different experiment conditions. The test showed that the super absorbent polymer had a promoting effect on alfalfa. The property of slowly release water, water supply on super absorbent polymer could keep plants prolonging the survival rate in the case of insufficient water supply. It could improve the germination rate of the seed of alfalfa. Adding super absorbent polymer and gibberellin not only improved the survival rate, but also promoted the growth of root and shoot on alfalfa.


alfalfa Gibberellin Seed germination Seedling growth Super absorbent polymer 


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