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Legume Research, volume 41 issue 6 (december 2018) : 804-809

Genetic divergence, variability, heritability and genetic advance for growth, pod quality and yield characters in dolichos bean (Dolichos lablab L.var. typicus Prain) germplasm

K. Jyothireddy, B. Neeraja Prabhakar, P. Saidaiah, S.R. Pandravada
1Department of Vegetable Science, College of Horticulture, Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030, Telangana, India
  • Submitted07-10-2017|

  • Accepted17-02-2018|

  • First Online 11-06-2018|

  • doi 10.18805/LR-3952

Cite article:- Jyothireddy K., Prabhakar Neeraja B., Saidaiah P., Pandravada S.R. (2018). Genetic divergence, variability, heritability and genetic advance for growth, pod quality and yield characters in dolichos bean (Dolichos lablab L.var. typicus Prain) germplasm. Legume Research. 41(6): 804-809. doi: 10.18805/LR-3952.
Thirty five genotypes of dolichos bean germplasm lines were evaluated for genetic divergence, variability, heritability and genetic advance at Vegetable Research Station, Agriculture Research Institute, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad during August, 2016 to March, 2017. Thirty five genotypes were grouped into six clusters based on the relative magnitude of D2 values. The highest number of genotypes (15) appeared in cluster II. The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster III and cluster VI (D2=1780.19).The minimum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster II and cluster IV (D2 =333.46). Maximum intra cluster distance was in cluster IV (D2=249.64). Among the characters, the maximum contribution towards divergence was made by pod yield per plant (26.21%). High heritability estimates were observed for 15 characters and medium heritability was observed for primary branches per plant, number of seeds per pod, seed breadth and 100 dry seed weight. High genetic advance along with relatively high heritability percent were observed for vine length, days to first flowering, pod length, pod width, pod weight, number of pods per plant, seed length, seed breadth, 100 fresh seed weight, protein content, fibre content and pod yield per plant. Hence, due weightage should be given to the above traits, while selection is practiced for multilocation trails improvement of varieties.
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