Effect of weed control practices on weeds and yield of black gram (Vigna mungo)

DOI: 10.18805/lr.v38i6.6736    | Article Id: LR-3277 | Page : 855-857
Citation :- Effect of weed control practices on weeds and yield of black gram(Vigna mungo) .Legume Research.2015.(38):855-857

Nazma Mansoori, Nisha Bhadauria* and R.L. Rajput

Address :

College of Agriculture, RVSKVV, Gwalior-474 002, India.


Field investigation was carried out during kharif season of 2012 the results showed that unchecked weeds caused a reduction of 66.67% in black gram yield. Two hand weeding at 25 and 50 DAS recorded maximum number of pods /plant, number of seeds  /pod, 1000 seeds weight ,seed yield and higher weed control efficiency followed by Imazathapyr+Imazamox (premix) @ 50 g/ha PoE at 20 DAS. Imazathapyr+Imazamox (premix) @ 50 g/ha at PoE 20 DAS registered highest net return and B:C ratio followed by Imazathapyr +Pendimethalin (premix) @ 1000 g/ha PE.


Blackgram weed flora Herbicides Integrated weed management Weed control efficiency.


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