Modified atmosphere  storage  technique  for the management of  pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis  in Horse gram

DOI: 10.18805/lr.v0iOF.9610    | Article Id: LR-3240 | Page : 474-478
Citation :- Modified atmosphere storage technique for the management of pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis in Horse gram .Legume Research-An International Journal.2016.(39):474-478

P. Divya*, K. Kanaka Durga, N. Sunil, M. Rajasri, K. Keshavulu and P. Udayababu
Address :

Seed Research and Technology Centre, ANGRAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030, Andhra Pradesh, India


The present study was aimed to investigate the effect of modified atmosphere with elevated levels of CO2 against pulse beetle, C. chinensis in stored horse gram. Seeds were artificially infested with C. chinensis and exposed to CO2 (30%, 40% and 50 %) and packed in air tight containers.  Concentrations of 40% and 50% CO2 not only checked seed infestation but also checked the progeny production of pulse beetle and reduced the weight loss of seed compared to normal atmosphere. Storage of horse gram seeds in CO2 rich atmosphere also maintained seed quality without any detrimental effect on germination and seedling vigor up to six months of storage.


Horsegram Modified atmosphere Pulse beetle Storage.


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