Effect of density of Tephrosia candida stands on soil characteristics  

DOI: 10.18805/lr.v0i0.6839    | Article Id: LR-316 | Page : 551-555
Citation :- Effect of density of Tephrosia candida stands on soil characteristics .Legume Research.2017.(40):551-555

Zhiyang Lie, Zhuomin Wang and Li Xue* 

Address :

College of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, P. R. China.

Submitted Date : 3-09-2016
Accepted Date : 10-10-2016


With one-year-old Tephrosia candida trees as experimental material, influence of stand density on soil nutrient content and enzyme activity was studied. The results showed that density had little influenced on pH value in  2, 4 and 8 trees m2 stands. The contents of soil organic matter, effective nitrogen and effective phosphorus significantly increased in 2 trees m2 stands. The contents of soil organic matter and effective nitrogen significantly increased, whereas total N, total P, total K, effective N, effective P and effective K significantly decreased in 4 trees/m2 stand. Soil organic matter and nutrients except for total P significantly decreased in 8 trees m2 stand. Among the three density stands, the activities of urease, catalase and phosphatase were the lowest in 8 trees m2 stand.  


Density Soil property Tephrosia candida.


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