Genetics, molecular dissection and identification of high yielding disease resistant lines to mymv in blackgram (Vigna mungo)

DOI: 10.18805/lr.v38i6.6735    | Article Id: LR-3157 | Page : 851-854
Citation :- Genetics, molecular dissection and identification of high yielding disease resistant lines to mymv in blackgram (Vigna mungo) .Legume Research.2015.(38):851-854

Kumari Basamma1, P.M. Salimath*2, Patil Malagouda and Biradar Suma3

Address :

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad-580 005, India.


The productivity of blackgram is very low which is mainly due to losses caused by several biotic stresses. Among the biotic stresses mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) is the most serious disease on this crop with an estimated yield loss of 100% under severe conditions. In this context, study of genetics of resistance to MYMV needs major attention. In this paper, we reported genetics of the resistance to MYMV disease in blackgram using a F2 and F3 populations derived from a cross between the susceptible but agronomically superior parent TAU-1 and the resistant parent BDU-4. The parents, F1, F2, F3 populations were evaluated for MYMV resistance against the virus in artificial condition. The population size in F2 was three hundred. The results suggested that the MYMV resistance in blackgram is governed by a single dominant gene. Out of 610 SSR and RGA markers screened 24 were found to be polymorphic between two parents. Based on phenotyping in F2 and F3 generations nine high yielding disease resistant lines have been identified.


Genetics Inheritance MYMV Resistance Screening.


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