Effect of knowledge on adoption and performance of legume fodder (berseem cv. Vardan) under field conditions

DOI: 10.18805/lr.v39i3.10754    | Article Id: LR-3118 | Page : 470-473
Citation :- Effect of knowledge on adoption and performance of legume fodder(berseem cv. Vardan) under field conditions .Legume Research-An International Journal.2016.(39):470-473

Khajan Singh*, Ritu Chakravarty, A. Shyam Singh, Kavita Rani and S.K. Wadkar

Address :

Division of Dairy Extension, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal- 132001, India.


The adoption of complete package of practices on farmer’s fields gave higher economic return rather than when practices were adopted partially. The yield of green legume fodder berseem cv. vardan was compared on farmer’s field with the yield of unidentified varieties.. The performance of berseem cv.  Vardan showed better results as compared to the unidentified varieties sown under field conditions. The data were recorded from all the selected farmers and compared the same with of green fodder. The knowledge of farmers regarding growing of high yielding variety of berseem fodder two crops was measured and it was observed that majority of the farmers (66%) were in the category of medium knowledge level. Maximum fodder requirement through out the year was fulfilled from the sugarcane and other crops such as wheat and paddy straw etc. So, only limited area in the selected village Lalukheri was put under fodder crops cultivation. All the selected farmers perceived that fodder yields of Vardan Berseem were high as compared to unidentified varieties grown on their fields. Knowledge level was positively and significantly correlated with variables such as education (0.778), family education status (0.526), income (0.387) and extension contact (0.566). The other variables such as age, caste, size of holding, and social status were not significantly correlated. 


Adoption Berseem cv. Vardan Knowledge Legume fodder.


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