Screening of horse gram genotypes for seed longevity

DOI: 10.5958/0976-0571.2015.00038.7    | Article Id: LR-3020 | Page : 289-296
Citation :- Screening of horse gram genotypes for seed longevity.Legume Research.2015.(38):289-296
K. Kanaka Durga and K. Keshavulu kanakakilaru@yahoo.com
Address : Seed Research and Technology Center, Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030, India.


Seed longevity studies in horse gram revealed that straw colored seed coat was reported by maximum (47.82%) number of genotypes. Based on two years of study, it can be concluded that light straw testa genotypes had high germination %, besides possessing bold seed with high speed of germination, maximum dry matter production, seedling vigour index II and seedling growth rate. HG 14, HG 32 and Palem 2 from the light straw testa category, HG 52 from black testa category, HG 15 and HG 11 from straw testa group are considered to be good storers coupled with high vigour and bold seededness. Though the genotypes i.e., HG 59 and HG 18 recorded


Horse gram Genotypes Seed longevity.


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