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Legume Research, volume 35 issue 2 (june 2012) : 132 - 137


S. Mohajer*, A.A. Jafari1, R.M. Taha, A. Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed
1Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur-50603, Malaysia.
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Cite article:- Mohajer* S., Jafari1 A.A., Taha R.M., Ahmed Ali Bakrudeen A. (2024). EVALUATION OF YIELD AND MORPHOLOGY TRAITS IN 72 GENOTYPES OF SAINFOIN (ONOBRYCHIS VICIIFOLIA SCOP) THROUGH FACTOR ANALYSIS. Legume Research. 35(2): 132 - 137. doi: .
Seventy two genotypes of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop) were sown using lattice design under irrigation condition in Alborz, station Karaj, Iran during 2009-10. Forage dry matter (DM) yield, leaf to stem ratio, growth condition, stem density, plant height, flowering time and resistance to sainfoin powder mildew were studied over 2 years. The analysis of variance showed significant differences for all traits (P0.01). The correlation coefficient between DM yield and growth condition, plant height and stem density was positive and significant. Resistance to disease had negative significant relationship with late-growing, plant height, stem density and forage yield. In addition, Ward cluster analysis was done and divided into 4 genotype groups. In coordinate axis, 1st and 2nd factors demonstrated a good agreement between cluter and
factor analysis.
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