Article Id: ARCC506 | Page : 53 - 55
Citation :- PATTERN OF FRUIT AND SEED DEVELOPMENT IN VEGETABLE COWPEA VARIETIES.Legume Research-An International Journal.2012.(35):53 - 55
K. Krishnakumary
Address : College of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural University,Vellanikara-680 656, India.


An investigation to find out the physiological maturity stage of two cowpea varieties (Bhagyalakshmi and Lola) for vegetable and seed production was undertaken. Pods of various stages of maturity harvested at two days interval from anthesis were used for the study. Pattern of fruit and seed development studies revealed two phases of development and maturation in which pod development was followed by seed development. The pod length reached maximum at 12 days after anthesis in both cowpea varieties with higher pod weight and hence it is considered as the optimum stage of harvest for vegetable purpose.  Seed development and maturity took place in the second phase. Seed qualities (germination and vigour) were maximum in pods harvested at 16 days after anthesis in bush cowpea variety "Bhagyalakshmi" and at 18 days after anthesis in pole cowpea variety "Lola" and hence considered as the optimum physiological maturity stage for seed purpose harvesting.


Cowpea Physiological maturity Seed development.


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