Article Id: ARCC4110
Citation :- INHERITANCE IN BLACK GRAM [VIGNA MUNGO (L.) HEPPER].Legume Research.2000.(23)
Ranwah B.R., Sharma G.S.
Address : Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur - 313 001, India


Results derived from l0x 10 diallel showed over dominance for all the characters except plant height and stem -diameter for which additive and non-additive components were equally important. Frequency of dominant and recessive genes irrespective of their direction was equal for all the characters. Direction of dominance was positive for stem diameter, clusters per plant and pods per plant, and was negative for days to flower and days to maturity. However, for days to harvest and plant height it was ambidirectional. Duplicate epistasis and/or linkage in cis position was shown by one or more parents for one and/or other characters. However, Pant U 30 and Krishna showed complementary and/or linkage in trans position for stem diameter and clusters per plant respectively. Assumptions of diallel analysis were satisfied due to their balance failure in all the character. This suggests that numerical and graphical approaches are complementary rather than alternate.


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