Article Id: ARCC3937
Citation :- GENETIC DIVERGENCE STUDY IN FIELDPEA.Legume Research-An International Journal.2002.(25)
Dixit G.P., Singh I.P., Khare A.P.
Address : Indian Institute of Pulses Research Kanpur - 208 024, India


Fifty three genotypes of fieldpea were used to study genetic divergence following D2 analysis. Genotypes were grouped into 11 different clusters. Clusters I and II consisted of 15 genotypes each. Plant height contributed maximum to the genetic diversity. Intra cluster distance was highest in cluster III followed by clusters I and II. Inter cluster distances were maximum between clusters IV and X followed by clusters. IV and XI. Inter cluster distances were minimum between clusters X and XI, IV and VIII and III and IV. The study indicated lack of parallelism between genetic and geographic diversity. The genotypes included in the diverse clusters can be used as promising parents for hybridization to obtain higher heterotic response and thus better segregants in fieldpea.



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