Article Id: ARCC3933
Citation :- SURVIVAL OF RHIZOBIUM STRAINS ON THE LEGUME SEEDS.Legume Research-An International Journal.2002.(25)
Kumar M. Senthil, Thangaraju M.
Address : Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 641 003, India


Inoculated rhizobia on the germinating seed must survive and multiply in a highly competitive environment until the host becomes susceptible to nodulation. The survival of viable cells of the respective Rhizobium on the seeds is important which only decides the nodulation and nitrogen fixation. To increase the surival of Rhizobium on the seeds of legume, seed treatment was done using the rhizobial inoculant prepared with sterilised carrier containing various amendments. It was found that the addition of various amendments influenced the survival of Rhizubium strain CoG l.5 and Bradyhizobium japonicum strain TAL102 on the seeds of greengram and soybean respectively. Among the amendments studied, the starch and polyvinyl pyrrolidone performed better at 2 per tent concentration than at 1 per cent concentration for both CoG15 and TAL 102 strains. It was also found that the use of sticking agents or adhesives were not necessary for seed inoculation when the carrier containing amendments are used. In the present study, the survival of Rhizobium cells at desirable number (106 level) on seed was observed upto 24 h after seed treatment.



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