Article Id: ARCC3915
Citation :- VARIABILITY, HERITABILITY AND GENETIC ADVANCE IN LENTIL.Legume Research-An International Journal.2002.(25)
Rathi A.S., Sindhu J.S., Singh V.S.
Address : C.S.A. University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur - 208 002, India


Genetic variability and heritability related parameters were studied for eleven metric traits in 200 populations of lentil. There were considerable closeness between genotypic and phenotyic co-efficients of variation indicating thereby low influence of environmental factors. GCVand PCV were low for days to flower, days to maturity and protein content. Contrary to this the traits -no. of primary branches/plant, no. of secondary branches/plant, no. of clusters/plant, 1000-grain wt. and grain yield/plant in both the generations and no. of pods/cluster in F1 expressed high GCV and PCV but moderate heritabilities. The co-efficient of variability ranged from 12.6% to 26.1% while heritability was considerably low (29.8% to 57.9% for branches/plent, clusters/plant and grain yield). For 1000 grain wt. It was around 78%. However the protein content being meager variable, was moderately heritable i.e. 40.2% to 59.3%. The traits associated with grain yield/plant viz., no. of primary branche, no. of secondary branches, no. of clusters/plant, no. of pods/cluster, 1000-grain wt. and yield/plant showed, the success in selection estimated in the form of genetic advance over mean ranged from 12.2% to 35.1%. However for protein content expected success could be estimated 8.4% in F1 and 4.6% in F2



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