Article Id: ARCC3905
Citation :- GENE ACTION IN FRENCHBEAN (PHASEOLUS VULGARIS L.).Legume Research.2002.(25)
Dahiya M.S., Malhotra S.K.
Address : Department of Vegetable Crops, CCS. Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004. India


Fifteen F1 hybrids of frenchbean in a diallel set involving 6 parents (excluding reciprocals) were studied to investigate the gene action of ten important characters. The compullcnt D was greel!er than H, for dll the characters indicating that the additive variance was morc Important in the inheritance of characters viz., plant height. number of primary branches, days to 50 flowering and picking, number of pods per plant and yield per plant. The distribution of positIve and negative genes in the parents was observed to be more towards symmetrical for number of primary branches, duration of availability of pods and market yield per plant, while it was asymmetrical for days to 50%) flowering, days to first picking and number of pods. Therefore, pod yield in frenchbean may be enhanced by simultaneous improvement in yield contributing characters, which mostly are under the additive gene control. Thus progeny selection may be followed for obtaining desirable lines in the advanced generations by using transgressive segregation.


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