Article Id: ARCC3770 | Page : 300 - 302
Citation :- COMBINING ABILITY IN PEA (PISUM SATIVUM L.).Legume Research.2005.(28):300 - 302
S. Zaman and G.N. Hazarika
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Assam Agricultural University. Jorhat - 785 013. India


A diallel cross was attempted among five promising field pea genotypes viz Rachna, Azad, HUDP 6, HUDP 8 and HUP 2 to study general and specific combining ability. Both additive and non additive gene effect were prevalent for all the characters studied except seeds per pod where only additive gene effect was important. Parents Rachna and HUP 2 were found to be good general combiner for yield and most of the other characters. Azad was a good general combiner for earliness. The cross combination Rachna × Azad, Rachna × HUDP 6, and Azad × HUP 2 exhibited high desirable sca effect for yield and majority of the characters.


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