Article Id: ARCC3713 | Page : 71 - 73
Citation :- CORRELATION ANALYSIS IN SUNFLOWER.Legume Research.2005.(28):71 - 73
N. Manivannan, V. Muralidharan and B. Subbalakshmi
Address : Department of Oilseeds. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Coimbatore - 641 003. India


Association analysis was done for eleven yield and component characters in sunflower using 82 genotypes. The results revealed that, number of filled seeds/head and total number of seeds/head had significant positive association with seed yield. Hence these two characters could be considered as selection indices for high yield. Oil content had non significance association with seed yield and hence selection could be practised for theSe characters on any direction without affecting each other. The character oil content had significant negative association with days to 50% flowering and significant positive association with seed volume; seed volume had positive association with 100 seed weight. Hence, the character shorter duration, more seed volume and 100 seed weight could be considered as selection indices for obtaining high oil yielding progenies.


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