Article Id: ARCC3594 | Page : 205 - 208
Citation :- CORRELATION AND PATH ANALYSIS IN URD BEAN.Legume Research.2007.(30):205 - 208
M.P. Chauhan,A.C.Mishra and Ashok Kumar Singh
Address : N.D.University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumar Ganj, Faizabad-224229, India


Two hundred ten divergent-genotypes of urd bean (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) were studied for correlations, and direct and indirect effects for 12 quantitative characters. Seed yield per plant showed very strong positive association with number of pods per plant, number of clusters per plant, biological yield per plant, number of seeds per pod, harvest index, plant height, number of pods per cluster and number of primary branches per plant. Path analysis identified number of pods per plant, followed by number of seeds per pod, 100-seed weight and biological yield per plant as major direct contributors towards expression of seed yield per plant.


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