Article Id: ARCC2073 | Page : 278-281
Citation :- INDUCED MACROMUTATIONS IN HORSEGRAM [MACROTYLOMA UNIFLORUM (LAM.) VERDC].Legume Research-An International Journal.2009.(32):278-281
S.N. Bolbhat and K.N. Dhumal*
Address : Department of Botany,University of Pune, Pune-411007, India.


Genetic variability is the prerequisite for any crop to be improved. Mutation breeding is a
best method identified to enhance the genetic variability in crops within short time. Knowing
the limited variability in horsegram, present investigation was undertaken for the improvement
in this crop by utilizing the variety Dapoli Kulthi-1. To induce variations, gamma radiation (100-
600 Gy) and EMS (0.2 to 0.6%) separately and in combination of both were applied and the
effect on seed germination as seedling damages were assessed in M1 generation. With increase in
doses of mutagenic treatment, gradual reduction in seed germination, root length, shoot length
and seedling height was recorded. In M2 generation the mutagenic treatments with lower doses
were stimulative, while higher doses had inhibitory effect on chlorophyll and morphological
mutations. Various viable macro mutations were scored for plant height, primary branches, pods
per plant, seeds per pod, pod length, 1000 grain weight and yield per plant in M2 population


Horsegram Macromutations Mutagens Variability Viable mutants.


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