Article Id: ARCC204 | Page : 49-55
Baocheng Hao, Xianpeng Yang, Xuehong Wang, Yonghao Hu and Jianping Liang
Address : Key Laboratory of New Animal Drug Project,Gansu province/ Key Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmaceutics Discovery ,Agricultural Ministry/ Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of CAAS,Lanzhou 730050


Locoweed is a poisonous plantÿwhich is wildly distributed in most area of the worldÿand cause livestock poisoning or death with serious economic loss. The Astragalusstrictus belongs to a species of locoweed .It is mainly distributed in Tibet of China and is a serious hazard to the local livestock industry. The objective of this study is extracting and purifying condition of Swainsonine fromAstragalusstrictuswith the microwave-assisted extraction method. An optimum extracting technology of SW fromAstragalusstrictuswas investigated through the orthogonal experiment under the microwave assistance conditions, then the content of swainsonine was analyzed with gas chromatographyÿGC method. The optimized extraction conditions were as follow: at room temperature, the time of using the petroleum ether ultrasonic to make the Swainsonine degreased with ultrasonic was 1h, and then use the method of extraction with microwave-assisted, solid-liquid ratio (M : V) 1:10, microwave frequencies 280W , extraction time 20 s. Under the above conditions, the extraction percentage of the swainsonine was 0.009264%. Extracting swainsonine with microwave-assisted extraction method has characteristics of rapid, efficient, convenient and low energy consumption. It is beneficial for producing swainsonine fromAstragalusstrictus.


Astragalusstrictus ChromatographGC Extraction Gas Microwave Swainsonine.


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