Article Id: ARCC2032 | Page : 108-112
Citation :- STABILITY ANALYSIS IN MUNGBEAN (VIGNA RADIATA (L.) WILCZEK).Legume Research.2009.(32):108-112
S.K. Singh*, I.P. Singh**, B.B. Singh** and Onkar Singh***
Address : S. D. J. P. G. College Chandeshwar, Azamgarh- 276 128, India


The present investigation was undertaken to understand the role of genotype and environmental
interactions in expression of various characters and stability of mungbean genotypes in three
environments. The significance of environment (linear) component for all the characters in pooled
analysis indicated existence of substantial differences among the three environments in respect to
their influence on expression of six characters in 80 mungbean genotypes. Significant mean squares due to genotype x environment (G x E) interaction for all the character suggested that the genotypes showed considerable differential interaction with different environments. Thus, role of environment and G x E interactions must be taken into account while devising and implementing selection or breeding programmes in mungbean


Mungbean Stability analysis Interaction.


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