Article Id: ARCC2030 | Page : 98-102
Citation :- GENETIC DIVERGENCE IN MUNGBEAN (VIGNA RADIATA (L.) WILCZEK).Legume Research.2009.(32):98-102
S.K. Singh1, I.P. Singh, B.B. Singh and Onkar Singh2
Address : Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur-208 024, India


The present investigation was undertaken to examine the genetic divergence existing among the
eighty mungbean germplasm collection of heterogeneous nature. These lines were evaluated for
twelve quantitative characters in three environments. The Mahalanobis’ D2 statistic performed over
pooled data grouped these genotypes in eleven distinct non-overlapping clusters. This indicated
existence of high degree of genetic diversity in the germplasm collections evaluated in the present
study. Therefore, these germplasm collections may serve as valuable source for selecting diverse
parents for use in hybridization programme.


Mungbean Genetic divergence.


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