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Citation :- GENETIC ANALYSIS OF VEGETABLE COWPEA [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.].Legume Research.2013.(36):1-9
A. Subbiah, M. Prabhu, J. Rajangam, R. Jagadeesan and S. Anbu
Address : Horticultural College and Research Institute Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Periyakulam-625 104, India


The present investigation on crop improvement of vegetable cowpea was conducted at Horticultural College and Research Institute, Periyakulam. Among the 24 crosses were made by Line x Tester analysis, 12 elite crosses were advanced to F2 generation to identify the best segregants. Based on the evaluation of F2 crosses, 6 elite crosses were advanced to F3 generation. The genetic analysis of the F2 and F3 segregating generations was attempted by assessing the Pv, Gv, PCV, GCV, h2 and genetic advance among the segregating populations of F2 and F3. The phenotypic variance and genotypic variance was found high in all the crosses. The cross L5T1 exhibited a high PCV, GCV, GA and h2 for number of pods, pod yield, pod length and crude fibre content in both F2 and F3 generations. From the present study it was concluded that both additive and dominance variance control the expression of traits in breeding of vegetable cowpea.


Additive Crosses Dominant Genetic advance Heritability Quality Segregation Yield.


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