Article Id: ARCC1325
Citation :- GENETIC VARIABILITY STUDIES IN RICE BEAN [VIGNA UMBELLATA (Thumb)].Legume Research-An International Journal.2010.(33)
D. Lakshmana, R.B. Jolli and D. Madaiah
Address : Regional Agricultural Research Station, Bijapur - 586 101, Karnataka Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Mudigere - 577 132, India


An investigation was carried out to estimate the genetic parameters for twelve traits in rice bean genotypes. The study revealed that phenotypic coefficient variation (PCV) was higher than genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all the traits. The GCV and PCV estimate were high for days to 50 per cent flowering, harvest index and number of seeds/pod. Heritability in broad sense was high for all the characters studied. High genetic advance was observed for days to 50% flowering; number of seeds/ pod, harvest index, numbers of pods/plant, seed yield /plant, pod length and number of branches per plant suggested that scope for improvement of these characters through selection. High heritability coupled with high genetic advance as percent mean was registered for days to 50 % flowering, number of seeds/pod, number of pods/plant, seed yield/ plant and harvest index, indicating that the genetic variance for these traits are probably owing to their high additive gene effects and thus there is better scope for improvement of these traits through direct selection. Low genetic advance over per cent mean was observed in pod yield/ plant and 100- seed weight.


Heritability Genetic advance Harvest index PCV Pod length Rice bean.


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