Article Id: ARCC1291 | Page : 119 - 123
Citation :- STUDY OF GENETIC DIVERGENCE IN HORSEGRAM (MACROTYLOMA UNIFLORUM L.).Legume Research-An International Journal.2010.(33):119 - 123
H.C. Singhal, S.S. Tomar, B.R.Baraiya, R.S.Sikarwar and I.S. Tomar
Address : Department of Plant Breeding, RARS, RVSKVV, Khandwa 450 001, India


The experiment was conducted to collect the basic information on genetic divergence,
genetic parameters of variability and correlation coefficient in characters under study among 88
Horsegram genotypes and was laid out in a completely randomized block design with three
replications. The analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences among genotypes
for all the traits. The phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was higher than that of genotypic
coefficient of variation (GCV) and found to be high to moderate for all traits except for days to
50% flowering. Study of genetic divergence revealed the existence of wide diversity among the
genotypes studied. On the basis of the results obtained, these 88 genotypes were grouped into
ten clusters. The varieties belong to clusters VIII and IX having greate statistical distance may
be selected for hybridization programme as they are expected to produce good segregants.


Horsegram Genetic divergence Heritability Genetic advance.


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