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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 52 issue 6 (june 2018) : 893-897

Preparation and pharmacokinetics of cefquinome sulfate liposomes in goats

Haigang Wu, Jinni Liu, Gugangke Xu, Zhaowei Ye, Jicheng Liu, Benchi Yi
1Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University, Xinyang 464 000, PR China.
Cite article:- Wu Haigang, Liu Jinni, Xu Gugangke, Ye Zhaowei, Liu Jicheng, Yi Benchi (2018). Preparation and pharmacokinetics of cefquinome sulfate liposomes in goats. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 52(6): 893-897. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-778.
We evaluated the pharmacokinetics of cefquinome sulfate (CEF) liposomes in eight healthy goats following intramuscular administration at 4 mg/kg. The average particle diameter of CEF liposomes prepared by the ethanol injection method was 335nm with a CEF entrapment efficiency of 69.56%. The elimination half-life (t1/2b) of CEF liposomes was 33.04h compared with 16.21 h for CEF injected without carrier (p<0.05). The area under the concentration curve (AUC) for CEF liposomes was approximately three-times greater than for CEF alone (P<0.05). The time-point of maximum plasma concentration of the drug (Tp) and the maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) were 4.38 h and 1.99 ìg/mL for CEF liposomes, compared with 1.86 h and 3.55 ìg/mL for CEF without carrier, respectively. 
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