Hepatoprotective and Nephroprotective Effect of Aegle marmelos and Andrographis paniculata in Aflatoxicosis of Broiler Chicken

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3961    | Article Id: B-3961 | Page : 347-352
Citation :- Hepatoprotective and Nephroprotective Effect of Aegle marmelos and Andrographis paniculata in Aflatoxicosis of Broiler Chicken.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2021.(55):347-352
A. Aneesh, A.J. George, B. Dhanush Krishna, M.J. Abraham, B.J. Kariyil aneeshayinippully@gmail.com
Address : College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur-680 651, Kerala, India.
Submitted Date : 3-12-2019
Accepted Date : 12-06-2020


Background: Aflatoxins (AF) are a major threat in tropical and sub-tropical countries and causes aflatoxicosis in poultry. The deleterious effect of AF are minimised by the addition of various hepatoprotectants. Study was undertaken to find out the effect of Aegle marmelos and Andrographis paniculata on aflatoxicosis of broiler chicken.
Methods: Forty eight day old broiler chicks were divided into eight groups and fed with diets: standard feed (T1), T1 with 100 ppb AF (T2), T1 with 0.1 per cent A. marmelos powder and 0.1 per cent A. paniculata powder (T3), T1 with 100ppb AF and 0.10 per cent A. marmelos powder (T4), T1 with 100ppb AF and 0.10 per cent A. paniculata powder (T5), T1 with 100 ppb AF and 0.20 per cent A. marmelos powder (T6), T1 with 100ppb AF and 0.20 per cent A. paniculata powder (T7) and T1 containing 100 ppb AF, 0.1 per cent A. marmelos powder and 0.1 per cent A. paniculata powder (T8). All the experimental birds were sacrificed on 21st day of the experiment. 
Result: Broiler chicks of T2 group showed a significant increase in lipid peroxidation levels compared with other groups at 21st day of experiment. Liver of T2 group of birds revealed the presence of cytoplasmic vacuolations, Kupffer cell hyperplasia, focal accumulation of mononuclear cells and acinar pattern of parenchyma compared to normal histological appearance of T1 and T3 groups. Kidney of T2 birds revealed epithelial degeneration, mononuclear accumulation, desquamation of proximal convoluted tubule and vacuolation of distal convoluted tubule. The hepatoprotective and nephroprotective effect of both plant powders in aflatoxicosis was established.


Aegle marmelos Aflatoxin Andrographis paniculata Hepatoprotective Lipid peroxidation Nephroprotective


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