PCR based assay for the detection of cow milk adulteration in buffalo milk 

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.11331    | Article Id: B-3232 | Page : 383-387
Citation :- PCR based assay for the detection of cow milk adulteration in buffalo milk .Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2018.(52):383-387

Tanmay Hazra, Vivek Sharma, Rekha Sharma and Sumit Arora 

Address :

Dairy Chemistry Division, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Karnal-132001, Haryana, India.

Submitted Date : 27-04-2016
Accepted Date : 14-06-2016


It is very common in India that with low priced cow milk adulterated high priced buffalo milk. Various techniques are available in market to identify the origin of milk but all these techniques have their own limitations. Thus, DNA based technologies are preferred now a days to identify the origin of food products from animal sources due to high sensitivity and specificity. Currently a PCR based method was developed to identify cow milk in raw buffalo milk. DNA was isolated from milk by DNeasy Mericon food kit (Quiagen,USA) which resulted in DNA of requisite quality for downstream applications. A bovine specific primer targeting D-loop (displacement) of mt- DNA (mitochondrial) was selected and standardized to amplify cow DNA. Specificity of primer was tested across the species in the genomic DNA isolated from both milk and blood. The protocol can be sensitive to detect upto 5% level of cow milk in the buffalo milk. Designed protocol was efficient, robust and sensitive and could be used as a platform test in routine quality analysis laboratory. Hence, it could be a great alternative for other protein based methods to identify cow milk in buffalo milk.


Adulteration Buffalo milk Cow milk Mitochondrial DNA Silica column PCR.


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