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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 48 issue 5 (october 2014) : 491-495


S. Kerketta, M. Singh, B.H.M. Patel*, M. Verma, J.K. Prasad, D. Upadhyay, B. Bhushan
1Livestock Production and Management Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly-243122, India
Cite article:- Kerketta S., Singh M., Patel* B.H.M., Verma M., Prasad J.K., Upadhyay D., Bhushan B. (2024). STUDY ON BUCK’S MATING BEHAVIOUR, LIBIDO SCORE AND SEMEN BIoLOGY IN LOCAL GOAT OF ROHILKHAND REGION, india. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 48(5): 491-495. doi: 10.5958/0976-0555.2014.00017.X.
The experiment was conducted to record normative sexual behaviour, libido test along with physico- morphological characteristics of semen in bucks of local goats maintained at sheep and goat unit, Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar Bareilly. Available bucks were categorized in to Group I: Experienced (2yrs), Group II: Non experienced Adolescence (1 year), Group III: Pubertal (6 -12 months). Six males from each group utilized for the normative sexual behaviour. Each male was observed 3 times for recording sexual behaviour for 30 min. Semen collection using artificial vagina was done using bucks from group II. Mean time spent in licking and vocalization was higher in Gr2, followed by Gr1 and Gr3. Irrespective of group sniffing and licking were predominant courtship activities observed. False mounting was higher in Gr3, followed by Gr2 and Gr1. Mounting and number of ejaculation was higher in Gr1 followed by Gr2 and Gr3. The time spent in standing without any mating activities was highest in Gr3 followed by Gr2 and Gr1. Introductory ejaculatory latency (IEL) for Gr1, Gr2 and Gr3 was 0.72±0.38, 1.75±0.94 and 6.91±1.73 min. respectively. The lowest IEL was in Gr1 followed by Gr2 and Gr3. The same trend was observed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd post ejaculation interval (PEI). Mean values was lowest in Gr2 followed Gr1 and Gr3 for 4th PEI except Gr3 for 2nd PEI. 5th onwards there was no particular trend followed which might be due to less number of males which exhibited the mating (Gr2). However, the number of bucks which showed the mating was higher in Gr1. Initial mount latency (IML) for Gr1, Gr2 and Gr3 was 0.20 ±0.02, 0.31±0.04 and 0.68±0.27 min., respectively. However, there was no particular trend observed in Gr2 and Gr3.The probable reason for no trend in Gr2 and Gr3 was due to inexperienced bucks. Further, the numbers of bucks showed 4th mating onwards were less. Therefore, Gr1 showed the increment in the refractory period in a consistent manner except 6th and 7th refractory period. Libido score was almost similar in Gr1 and Gr2 but it was higher than Gr3, which differed significantly (P
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