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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 47 issue 1 (february 2013) : 10-16


R. Aydin1, M. Yanar*, A. Diler2, R. Kocyigit1, N. Tuzemen1
1*1Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Atatürk University, 25 240, Erzurum, Turkey
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Cite article:- Aydin1 R., Yanar* M., Diler2 A., Kocyigit1 R., Tuzemen1 N. (2023). EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT SLAUGHTER AGES ON THE FATTENING PERFORMANCE, SLAUGHTER AND CARCASS TRAITS OF BROWN SWISS AND HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN YOUNG BULLS . Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(1): 10-16. doi: .
The objectives of the study were to compare fattening performance, slaughter and carcass characteristics of Brown Swiss (BS) and Holstein Friesian (HF) young bulls slaughtered at 17-18 months, 19-20 months and 21-22 months of ages. The study was carried out by using 30 young bulls (16 HF and 14 BS). The animals were fed a diet consisting of concentrate and dry meadow hay for 308 days. Final weight (489.5 vs. 455.6 kg for BS and HF) (Pkidney, pelvic, heart fat. It was concluded that fattening performance traits, feed efficiency ratio and carcass traits of BS and HF young bulls were adversely influenced by increasing slaughter age, and breeds did not have a large influence on meat quality attributes such as beef color scores, marbling, amounts of kidney, pelvic and heart fat.
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